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About us:
We try to make games related to world events. We enjoy doing this as it's a great learning experience for us to learn about other cultures and events that go around in the world. Since know how to make games we donate our time making these games to give some entertainment to other people.

All our games are 100% free! No logins required just click and play! Our goal is to make games related to major news topics around the world.

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You can watch the videos below to see our games work.

Protest Iran Election Game Demo:
Watch how to play our Protest Iran Election Game.

Juice 'Em Up:
Baseball on Steroids with ARod - Demo

Watch how to play the Juice 'Em Up game.
Play Juice 'Em Up here

Youpids - Import Your Face Demo
Watch how to import your own face in under 3 minutes
and learn the skills and techniques to make you the ultimate head cropper.

Play Youpids here

Youpids - Game Play Demo
Watch how to play the Youpids game.

Play Youpids here

Throw A Shoe At Bush - Game Play Demo

Play Throw a Shoe At Bush here

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